Stonward offers bespoke solutions to access legal finance

At Stonward, we provide access to capital for commercial litigation, investor-state and international arbitration in Europe and the Americas.

We combine our years of experience in the litigation funding sector with legal technical expertise and a deep understanding of the financial markets to offer bespoke solutions to help you maximize the value of your legal asset: from claims to awards or judgments to be monetized.

Whether you are a law firm or a company, we help you access the right legal finance provider. We also provide access to capital on a case-by-case basis.

Why Stonward

Our Goal

To match your claim or legal needs with the right third party funder. We work with companies and law firms to build a strong case and to find external capital for claims, legal departments, portfolios of cases, or the monetization of awards or judgements. We believe in a fair and accessible legal system: a lack of financial resources should never mean an inability to access justice.

Reinforce Your Asset

Lawyer’s fees and other related expenses are seen as costs that many times are difficult to bear. At Stonward, thanks to our expertise and relationship with litigation funders of all sizes, we help you transform your legal needs into assets. This way, we not only assist you to alleviate the financial risk associated with litigation or enforcements, but we also help you add value to your company and law firm so you can focus on the core of your business.

Bespoke Solutions

We want you to succeed. We focus on your interests and needs, and find the solutions that suit you best. Our funding solutions come from the largest and smallest investment funds; from the most well known third party funders to those with a lower profile in the market. All of them have an appetite for cases with strong legal merits. If you are a lawyer, you will be able to focus on your client and on the legal strategy to prevail, while as a company, you will be able to secure the best legal team while offloading risks and costs.

Our Know-How

Years of expertise in the litigation funding field have given us the ability to secure capital using innovative methods, always through a transparent process subject to the highest ethical standards. As legal experts, we know first-hand how claims work, evolve, and the contingencies and unexpected costs that can arise. Because of this, we are able to respond quickly, anticipate potential needs, while staying focused on each case.

You talk, we listen.

We act as a catalyst of success by providing you with solutions for your specific case, while preserving your interests. We are transparent, efficient and innovative, and bring together business experience with legal and financial expertise.

Meet your team.

The most powerfull ally at your side of the field