ESG & CSR Policy

ESG & CSR Policy

ESG stands for Environmental, Social, and Governance.

CSR stands for Corporate Social Responsibility.

As a litigation funder, we are committed to responsible investing practices that prioritize Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) factors in our decision-making process. Our ESG and Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) policy is as follows:

  1. Environmental Responsibility: We acknowledge the impact of litigation on the environment and take steps to minimize our environmental footprint. We will assess the environmental impact of the cases we fund and work with our partners to adopt sustainable practices.
  2. Social Responsibility: We believe in promoting ethical, social, and human rights standards in the cases we fund. We will evaluate a case’s potential impact on society, including its stakeholders, employees, and customers.
  3. Governance: We prioritize good governance practices in our investments. We will evaluate a case’s governance structure and compliance with legal and regulatory requirements.
  4. Engagement: We will engage with our partners and investees to promote responsible business practices and support positive change in the litigation industry.
  5. Reporting: We will maintain transparency and regularly report on our progress in integrating ESG and CSR factors into our investment decision-making process.

Overall, our ESG and CSR policy reflects our commitment to responsible investing practices that prioritize the environment, social responsibility, and governance, while promoting transparency and accountability in the litigation funding industry.