STONWARD LITIGATION FINANCE S.L. (hereinafter: “STONWARD”), through this Cookie Policy, provides information on the use of data-storage and data-recovery devices on Users’ terminals.

What are cookies?

Cookies are files that are unloaded to Users’ computers / smartphones / tablets when accessing specific websites and applications. Cookies enable Users’ browsing preferences to be stored, making interaction between Users and websites faster and easier

The information gathered by cookies is anonymous and contains no sensitive details, since cookies do not gather data that can identify Users personally. In any case, Users can access their browser settings to change and / or block the installation of Cookies sent from the Website, without preventing access to content.

Why does STONWARD use cookies?

This Website uses cookies and other devices for storing and recovering information in order to monitor Users’ interaction with the services offered on the Website.

Cookies enable Users’ browsers to be recognised, as well as the devices that Users use to access the Website. Cookies are used to make Users’ subsequent visits easier and the Website more useful.

For example, STONWARD uses cookies to ensure that the Website is working correctly and to gather information on your browsing experience, amongst other things.

Finally, using cookies enables STONWARD to optimise Users’ browsing, tailoring the information and services offered to their interests and preferences.

Types of cookies used on the Website

The Website uses the following types of cookies:

Session cookies: cookies that enable the Website to function correctly, so they are essential for Users to use all the Website’s options, browse, and use the Website’s functions in the normal way.


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Third-Party cookies: cookies that are sent to Users’ terminals from a terminal or domain that is not managed by STONWARD, but by another entity that processes the data obtained via the cookies.

STONWARD uses the following Third-Party cookies:

Analytical cookies: cookies that work in a standard fashion to gather anonymous information on Users’ browsing and their behaviour patterns.

They enable Users’ behaviour on the Website to be monitored and analysed. Information gathered using analytical cookies is used to draw up Users’ browsing profiles in relation to that Website, in order to introduce improvements to our services.

This type of cookie is used with the following main objectives:

To enable the anonymous identification of Users who are browsing, and, thus, an approximate estimate of the number of visitors;

To anonymously identify the most visited content;

To determine if Users are on their first visit or on a repeat visit.

Set out below are the analytical cookies used on the Website:


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How to disable cookies

All browsers allow changes to be made in order to deactivate cookie settings. That is why most browsers offer a cookie-management option, which gives more accurate control over privacy.

Those changes can be made by going to the “options” or “preferences” section of your browser menu.

Given below are links to each browser to deactivate cookies by following the instructions given:

Internet Explorer (

Mozilla Firefox (

Google Chrome (

Safari (;

Cookies on mobile devices

The Website owner also uses cookies or other storage devices on mobile devices.

As with computer browsers, browsers on mobile devices allow changes to be made in privacy options or settings to deactivate or delete cookies.

If you wish to change privacy options, please follow the instructions specified by the developer of your mobile-device browser.

Given below are some examples of the links that will guide you in changing the privacy options on your mobile device:

IOS: (

Windows Phone: (

Chrome Mobile: (

Opera Mobile: (

Accepting cookies

If you continue to browse, you are deemed to have accepted cookies from the Website.

We hereby inform you that if you block cookies or if you do not accept cookies’ installation, some services may not be available if cookies are not used, or you may not be able to access some services or make full use of all that the Website offers you.