image Article: Litigation Funding is not financial speculation image “Spain offers a favorable regulation for Third Party Litigation Funders”

Leaders League publishes the launching of Stonward

The international organization echoes the news that Stonward has kicked off its activity in Spain with the aim of offering solutions for financing litigation both in Europe and the Americas.

The article quotes our Senior Director and Head of Legal Assets, Carolina Bayo, who explains that third party funding is “not just an option for insolvent claimants. Many times, a claimant is solvent and chooses not to empty its coffers in procedures that can last years, and reinvest those funds in the business and face other expenses that will generate profit in the nearer future. It also allows law firms to work on cases without having to put forth their own resources”.

Leaders League is a media and rating agency for top executives at the international level. The organization delivers up-to-date news, in-depth analysis and business insights through a range of formats, from Décideurs Magazine, market intelligence reports, top company rankings and directories to professional events and digital products.

See the article here.

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