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Opinion: “Litigation funding – Advancing class actions against large corporations”

Litigation funding - Advancing class actions against large corporations

Our Director and Head of Legal Assets, Guido Demarco, has published a new opinion article at Abogados.Com.Ar, a prestigious Argentinian website focused on the legal sector, about how litigation funding can help advance class actions against large corporations.

Litigation funding has proven to be an invaluable tool for driving large-scale class actions. The truck cartel in Europe, the PPI scandal in the UK, the ‘Dieselgate’ in Germany or the class action brought by shareholders against the Commonwealth Bank of Australia are just a few examples.

The financial support provided by litigation funds has leveled the playing field against large companies and has allowed plaintiffs, mostly consumers, to seek justice and compensation, without having to worry about repaying the funder, who will recover its investment only if the case is successful.

In this article published in, Guido wonders whether, based on these experiences, a new stage will come for the South American continent?

Read it here (in Spanish)

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