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Stonward: Litigation Funder recommended by the Leaders League Ranking

Stonward Best Litigation Funder - Litigation funding

Stonward has been ranked by Leaders League among the best Spanish Litigation Funders. In its analysis, Leaders League highlights Stonward’s track record and its team.

According to the researchers, Stonward holds a “strong position in the areas of commercial litigation, antitrust and insolvency“, and “advises their clients to find the angle to their legal assets, so that they can capitalize the strengths“, offering bespoke solutions to access legal finance.

The team has built a reputation for being pioneers of the litigation funding sector in Spain, combining years of experience in this field with legal technical expertise and a deep understanding of the Spanish and LatAm markets and culture. Guido Demarco is a well recognized professional in the industry for its ability to structure cases, additionally the recent incorporations of Chris Garvey, Blas González and Armando Betancor to the Board of Investments positioned Stonward as the go to funder in the country“.

Stonward best spanish litigation funder

This recognition as one of the best litigation funders adds to the ranking already achieved for the countries of Argentina, Bolivia, Chile, Colombia, Ecuador, México, Perú and uruguay, where Stonward has been recognized as “highly recommended”.

At this moment, at Stonward we manage a portfolio of claims relating to commercial cases, IP, restructuring and insolvency, and antitrust infringements, including the truck cartel.

We rely on a formidable team of professionals with +20 years of experience as lawyers focusing on commercial matters, competition law, IP infringements, restructuring, and insolvency. On top of this solid team, Chris Garvey from Sachenga and Blas González recently joined Armando Betancor at Stonward’s Board of Investments. With a private equity and investment banking background, Chris has worked at Morgan Stanley among other banks, while Blas is a former commercial law judge with deep knowledge of the Spanish judicial system and its procedural matters. With these incorporations, Stonward reinforces its commercial litigation, IP and antitrust practices, enabling the company to expand its horizon of cases.

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