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Landmark New York Court’s Decision Strengthens the Future of Litigation Funding
Op-Ed by Guido Demarco: Landmark New York Court’s Decision and the Future of Litigation Funding

Guido Demarco, Director and Head of Legal Assets at Stonward, delves into the outlook for litigation funding following the significant ruling by the New York Court in the case involving Petersen Energía SAU and Petersen Energía Inversora SAU (the Petersen Companies) versus the Republic of Argentina. The piece entitled “Landmark New York Court’s Decision Strengthens the Future of Litigation Funding” explains how the ruling reaffirms the critical role litigation funders play in providing access to justice, particularly in complex cases involving powerful sovereign entities. “No doubt, this will be a beacon in times in which the industry is under heavy…

Stonward in the Litigation Finance Journal podcast
Chris Garvey interviewed in Litigation Finance Journal

The Litigation Finance Journal has spoken with Chris Garvey, member of the Board of Investments at Stonward. In this episode, Chris discussed the litigation funding market in Spain, the challenges and opportunities for funders there, what cases Stonward looks to finance, implications of the Voss report, and much more! Listen to the full episode here. Chris pointed out that “there is a very healthy and active, vibrant-no win, no fee industry within the legal community in Spain”, and highlighted the two areas in which he is seeing more funding deployed: “the competition space, where you have the need for expensive…