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The I International Congress on Third Party Funding in International Arbitration in the media

Latin America is a clear point of interest for litigation funders due to its unequivocal prominence in the resolution of disputes through arbitration, this was the clear conclusion of the I International Congress on Third Party Funding in International Arbitration, organized by the Peruvian Institute of Arbitration and Stonward Litigation Funding, and the media have noticed it.

Europa Press, Notimerica, Lawyer Press, Diario Jurídico, El Confidencial Digital, Bolsamanía, Infobae, Diario Siglo XXI, MSN, Press Digitial… are some of the media that have written about this first Congress that took place online.

For two days, June 29 and 30, experts from the world of litigation finance, arbitration and law discussed the usefulness of third-party funding, the benefits of having strategic partners who know how to increase the value of claims with solid merits, the importance of knowing how to match claims with the right funder, the need or not for a specific regulation on this figure in international arbitration, and practical issues such as what to do if, once an award is made, the losing party does not pay, or the importance of the political-economic context when seeking funding.

The conference, which next year is expected to be held in person, was attended by the most relevant voices of the arbitration and third-party funding scene.

Read the news below:

Europa Press: La financiación de litigios pone el foco en América Latina, según expertos en arbitraje internacional.

Lawyerpress: Finaliza el I Congreso Internacional de Financiamiento por Terceros en el Arbitraje Internacional.

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